Exploring the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) is a small-scale museum devoted to modern art, architecture, and design. Located on 21 acres of local parkland in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, the museum showcases between nine and twelve exhibitions each year. SMoCA is one of the divisions of Scottsdale Arts, along with the Scottsdale Performing Arts Center and Scottsdale Public Art. Visiting the museum is free for ONE members and for users between 18 and 26 years old.

Additionally, admission is free every Thursday of the month and on the second Saturday of February. To ensure social distancing, the museum has a reserved time to visit with reduced capacity. If you need to change your current ticket, you can call 480-499-8587 or visit in person during regular business hours. A wheelchair is available for visitors to borrow at the museum's retail counter.

Wall texts in large print are also available at the counter. The museum is open until 7 p.m., but eating or drinking is not allowed in exhibition spaces where there are works of art. However, some programs that take place in the SMoCA Lounge allow eating and drinking. At all SmoCA events, there are only seats for general use and free events sometimes require a confirmation of attendance to help staff prepare for the number of spectators. The museum also houses a permanent James Turrell airspace in its outdoor courtyard, which can be accessed during museum hours.

There is a donation box in the main lobby near the admission desk and SMoCA accepts unsolicited artist submissions. No face masks are required to visit the museum, but we still ask that you use them whether they are vaccinated or not. Our guidelines will be adapted as the level of risk improves. To view the Museum's reopening protocols and guidelines, click here. Become a Scottsdale Arts member today with your ONE membership and join us in making a difference!.

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