The Best Festivals and Events in Scottsdale, AZ - A Guide for Arts and Culture Lovers

Scottsdale, AZ is a vibrant city that celebrates the arts and culture with a plethora of festivals and art events taking place almost every month of the year. Located in SouthBridge, not far from Nordstrom, Scottsdale is the perfect destination for those looking for an array of arts, dining, and cultural experiences. Whether you're planning your trip around a specific event or festival or just want to explore the many offerings of the city, here are some of the best festivals and events Arizona has to offer. The WMO is considered the best grass party in Arizona and should definitely be on your bucket list. Country Thunder is another great music festival that offers fun, entertainment, and incredible acts.

The Barrett-Jackson event is the biggest and best of its kind in North America for car lovers. Western Week has been expanded to include the Western Spirit Gold Palette, ArtWalk, the Hashknife Pony Express, the Parada del Sol Parada del Sol (held in March), and the Trail's End Festival and the Arizona Indian Festival. The Vegetarian Food Festival takes over the Scottsdale Civic Center Amphitheater in February with everything vegetarian and vegan. The Scottsdale waterfront is also home to a European-style festival with wine tastings and live music. The McDowell Mountain Music Festival is a three-day event held in downtown Phoenix in early March.

The Mortimer Family Farms Pumpkin Festival is a fall celebration that doesn't usually experience seasons. If you're looking for more amazing events like these, my website is full of articles that talk about the best music festivals in the United States and abroad. So grab your calendar, mark your favorites and go to Scottsdale. There are festivals and events throughout the year in Scottsdale and it is likely that during your visit there will be an event that interests you.

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