30+ Amazing Things to Do During Winter Vacation in Scottsdale, AZ

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and Scottsdale, Arizona is the perfect place to spend your winter vacation. From festive light displays to special dining experiences, there are more than 30 amazing things to do in Scottsdale during the winter season. If you're looking for a unique shopping experience, Old Town Scottsdale is the place to be. Here you'll find a variety of stores and boutiques, as well as the Old Adobe Mission, the oldest Catholic church in Scottsdale.

This historic building is a great spot to explore and learn about the city's history. For those seeking a more festive experience, there are plenty of holiday light displays throughout the city. From the iconic Christmas lights at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park to the dazzling displays at Enchanted Island Amusement Park, you'll find plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit. If you're looking for something more family-friendly, there are plenty of activities for children in Scottsdale.

From amusement parks to interactive museums, there's something for everyone. And if you're looking for something a bit more unique, there are plenty of special events throughout the season, such as holiday parades and concerts. No matter what type of holiday experience you're looking for, Scottsdale has something for everyone. With its variety of activities and events, it's easy to find something that will make your winter vacation memorable. So come explore all that Scottsdale has to offer this holiday season!.

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